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Do it with passion or not at all

Our story began when Shane was just 14 years old. When his interest in working, began to surpass his interest for sitting down at the school desk. He would regularly skip school to go to work as the clean up boy at his local butchers. He then later went on to leave school and complete a Butchery Apprenticeship. That’s where his love of Butchery began!  Shane has always had a passion for learning and bettering himself and at 22 years old, he was offered the opportunity to manage his own store, a challenge that he gladly accepted.  Since then, Shane has continued to make a marked difference at every place he’s worked. Putting passion and energy into everything he does.

After 10 years working as the right-hand man/ 2IC to Barry (at Barry Collins Butchery), an invaluable opportunity arose-  Barry decided it was time to retire and the shop came up for sale. Shane couldn’t see anybody else running it but himself, as it was somewhere that he truly loved working. The shop being a long-standing enterprise, an integral part of the fabric of the community for many decades, a much loved, historical part of the Spofforth Street shopping strip.  Shane, together with his wife Chelsea, then bought the business in 2014 and with a fresh lick of paint, some new signage and some fresh ideas, the doors were officially opened in the November and Shane’s Quality Butchery began!

What followed was lots of hard work, goal setting, some long hours and the creation of a dream.  But we haven’t done it alone. With a dedicated team from the outset, we are proud to say we’ve stayed true to our vision right from the very beginning, providing the highest quality meat to our customers. We strongly value the relationships that we have with our customers. We have followed their lives and they’ve followed our journey. They’ve seen us welcome our son Tom into the world, getting to know our family and we have delighted in getting to know theirs. After all, that’s what community is all about.  We cannot thank the local community enough for all their support for our business and ‘their local butcher shop’.

With a relaxed and happy atmosphere in store, we are committed to bringing you the best experience and the finest quality produce you’ve come to expect. Nowadays our customers want to know more about where their food comes from, where it’s sourced and we are only too happy to answer any questions you may have. Our team members each bring to the business their own knowledge, experience and individual expertise. Our exceptional, personalised customer service is second to none and we hold a strong reputation of excellence in our field, within the community. Many of our customers we know on a first name basis. We genuinely make an effort to get to know what our customers want and we don’t take short cuts. If there’s something that you’re after and you can’t see it, just give us a call. We are only too happy to try and meet your needs in any way we can.  Our fresh ideas together with our dedicated and friendly team – that’s the recipe of a place you’ll want to visit again and again.

When you walk through our doors, you’ll see a love of fresh food and how it’s presented, that is built on passion and pride. We really do love what we do.  So why not pop in and let us help you with your next dinner party/ BBQ/ kids birthday or that special date night in.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

meet our suppliers

we take great importance in having a good relationship with our customers & our suppliers.

Our mission has always been to provide the finest quality ‘Meat that Matters’ to the local and wider community.  Why? Because it matters to us where your meat comes from, it matters that you receive only the best quality produce possible and it matters to you where you choose to shop.  Therefore, to achieve this, we pride ourselves on maintaining strong supplier relationships and we work together to source only the best for our customers.

All our Beef and Lamb is 100% grass-fed and free range. Our main supplier of Beef and Lamb is Breakout River Meats in Cowra, NSW.  The region is a very proud farming community, boasting some of Australia’s best agricultural land and one of the healthiest breeding environments in the country.  Cowra is situated on the Lachlan River at the head of the Lachlan Valley. This area is claimed to be one of the most fertile valleys in the world, having enviable soils and water, which produce some of the best cattle in Australia. The rich farming country, mixed with some of the best grazing country, means we have some of the most consistently tasty and tender produce available.

Naturally high in Protein, Zinc and Iron, our beef is produced from cattle that have been raised on a pure grass-fed diet are free to roam and never administered antibiotics, added hormones or genetically modified feed. Our beef is 3rd party audited and MSA Graded, made the way mother nature intended. Sourced from the highest quality livestock breeds including Hereford and Angus, which thrive in lush environments and delivering tender, juicy and full-flavoured meat. We proudly stock Watervale and Great Southern Beef and Cowra Lamb.

Our Lambs, produced in the Cowra region have the reputation of being some of the best lambs in Australia. The genetics in the breeding are second to none, along with the most ideal pastures and fodder crops grown in the region. Our supplier, Breakout River has over 35 years experience in buying the best quality lambs available for the domestic market (shops like us), where conformation and weight are so important. Our lambs ‘shop life’ is also credited with being the longest in the industry. The products are loaded onto the truck and delivered well below minimum temperature requirement, which is essential for shelf life longevity and freshness of the product, when it gets to our store.

Our Pork is all 100% Australian. We proudly stock Chiverton and Tender Valley Premium Pork. Our suppliers have gone to great lengths to secure the best pig producers in NSW to supply to their customers. The pig growers are seasoned, experienced producers, therefore our pigs are full and flavoursome, hormone and growth promotant free. Our pigs, are all female, pen and stall free, living in a happy and healthy environment. Due to Australia’s strict quarantine and quality assurance programs, our pork is the cleanest and best in the world. The farmers care for the environment and animals, by following safe and sustainable practices outlined by the Australian Pork Industry. All farms have group-housed female pigs and do not use sow stalls. Group housing environments allow the animals to move around freely, and promote social involvement through interaction with others, with high levels of access to food and clean water. The farmers work closely with veterinary, nutritional and genetic professionals across all farms to ensure our pork is healthy and safe for consumption. Its these pigs that all our very own bacon and ham come from. With a remarkable taste and flavour, we supply some of the best pork products on the market.

Our Chicken is 100% Australian Free-Range Chicken, which comes to us from some of the best quality farms across the country. In alignment with Federal & Industry regulations, all our chicken is steroid and hormone free and is certified as some of the most delicious tasting chicken you’ll find.

Our all- Australian Seafood and Fish, is supplied to us from The One That Got Away, in Bondi NSW. It’s hand selected fresh daily from the Sydney Fish Markets. The fish is packed and delivered to us within 24hours, making it some of the freshest fish around.

Breakout River Meats

Breakout River calls Cowra in NSW home. Cowra is nestled on the banks of the Lachlan River just down stream from Wyangala Dam which is the storage dam for the river system. Cowra is a farming community boasting some of Australia’s best agricultural land. It has a large area under vineyards with some wonderful wines grown there. It can also boast that it has some of Australia’s best lambs and cattle produced there. Breakout River uses the brand names: Cowra Lamb – Watervale Beef & Chiverton Pork. Breakout River has a commitment to quality meat with quality service. Their commitment to their own customers is providing the best quality meat every single day. People should be able to get a consistent quality product 52 weeks of the year and they work hard at always trying to achieve that goal. Their product is loaded onto the truck and delivered well below minimum temperature requirement, which is essential for shelf life longevity and freshness of the product, when it gets to us.

D.R. Johnston Group

D.R. Johnston is the domestic wholesale division of JBS Australia – the largest meat processing company in Australia and a division of JBS, the largest in the world. They are the exclusive distributor of some of JBS Australia’s most recognised brands, both at an industry level and consumer-facing. D.R. Johnston also maintain their own pork brand, Tender Valley Pork, which was established in 2014, providing us with the flexibility to cater to our customers’ needs on a short turnaround.

YCC Poultry

Our range of Chicken comes from all across the country, from some of the best quality farms, supplied to us through YCC Poultry who continuously exceed customer expectations.  YCC  provide us chicken from some of the most trusted brands such as, La Ionica, Baiada, Golden Cockeral and Inghams to name a few.  In alignment with Federal & Industry regulations, all our chicken is steroid and hormone free and is 100% HALAL Certified.  Our chicken is also 100% all Australian chicken, which makes for a great tasting bird!

The One That Got Away

Our Seafood and Fish is supplied by family owned business, The One That Got Away, in Bondi. They have been at the top of their game since 1996 and they are proud to declare a commitment to a sustainable supply of seafood for future generations, fully supporting and encouraging environmentally responsible farming and fishing practices. They attend the Sydney Fish Markets DAILY to source only the freshest, 100% Australian Fish and Seafood. All fish is filleted by their resident Fishmonger, who has been with them since day one. His team work tirelessly to prepare the fish each day into small batches to maintain maximum freshness and that’s exactly what you receive when you come to us.  Capturing flavour & freshness is the objective and simplicity is their key. The fish is packed and delivered to us within a day. So if you haven’t already, why not order some to try!

Pendle Ham & Bacon Curers

Our strong relationships with our suppliers, ensures we receive only the best quality products 100% of the time.  With an uncompromising focus on quality- Pendle Ham & Bacon Curers provide us with the highest quality range of smallgoods. Whether its our flavoursome chorizo, black pudding, prosciutto, the best brekky bacon going around or our well-known tasty hams, you’ll regularly see the truck out the front, dropping off our share of these delights for our customers. Our Ham comes from OUR very own female legs of pork, which we send away to Pendle to be cured and smoked. Our sliced leg ham off the bone is a customer favourite!

Pasta Gallery & Ready Delicious

Pasta Gallery is a family run and operated business, sourcing premium local ingredients: 100% Australian Durum Semolina milled to order in Tamworth NSW, free range eggs, 100% Australian grown vegetables, cheese from boutique cheese wholesalers and grass fed meat, free range duck and chicken. Our pasta is not mixed with cheaper flours nor are our ravioli a blend of flavoured breadcrumbs, rather its the above values that create the colourful ingredients Pasta Gallery use on their canvas of pasta to create their unique flavours.

Alpine Game Meats

Alpine Game Meats provide fresh Australian Game Meats, that are both ethically and sustainably sourced. They aim to supply chemical free, nutritious whole foods that are Wild Harvested and Free Range wherever possible. Sourcing their meats directly from their own farms and own supply chains, they can ensure that their products are the freshest and highest quality wild harvested and farm raised game. Alpine’s product range includes; Venison, Crocodile, Kangaroo, Duck, Wild Bore, Emu, Rabbit, Hare, Buffalo, Camel, Quail, Spatchcock, Game Sausages, Game Birds, Possum and Tasmanian Wallaby. Alpine Game Meats is a proudly Australian owned, family company.